About Me

The “whole person”, compassion and empathy  are the values that are important to me when working with mental health consumers.  I would not be doing this work if it did not include social justice.  Many mental health consumers do not receive the services and support they require due to their mental health due to societal factors. These factors such as, hmolesness, lack of services and resources, and stigma prevent mental health consumers from receiving the proper treatment. This is especially true of  people of color and other disenfranchised communities.  At Ashbury house I was able to provide a safe place, where the mom’s receiving treatment would voice their concerns, struggles and develop skills and coping mechanisms for independent living. By providing a safe place for the mom’s to express themselves , they were able to start empowering themselves to be a voice in their own mental health,  gain knowledge regarding injustices in mental health and take leadership  in their recovery.  I also connected the mom’s with community resources with the idea of having a natural support system for independent living